May 2 is the day for our Spring "ANTIQUE-GUN-ARTIFACT-ART" sale.  We already have about 60 guns lined up, including everything from old Winchesters to modern firearms.  We will have about 15-20 frames of local arrowheads, a very nice collection of art and some unbelievable antiques.  We have also added a very nice, high quality collection of custom and collector knives.  You can find a preliminary sale bill under the "May2 2015" page along with some pictures.  I will put a final sale bill up as soon as I get the inventories of guns and art in which should be the week of April 20.  Take a look at the "May2 2015" page and if you have any questions please give us a call.


On Saturday, May 30 we will have a sale here at Woodward's.  This sale will contain some very nice furniture, lots of tools and antiques.  There will be a boat, Chevrolet pickup and the most complete collection of reloading equipment and components we have ever sold.  This looks to be a very good sale.  We will have a sale bill and pictures coming!

As you can see, our Auction Calendar is booking up.  If you are interested in having your own public auction please get in touch with us.  We still have some prime dates available.

We would like to invite you visit our furniture store.  We have a good inventory of furniture, bedding and floor covering.  Something for everyone's home.  I am sure you will find the quality and pricing to your liking.   

Having started in 1969, Woodward & Associates is proud to be celebrating our 46th year in the auction business. During this time we have had hundreds of auctions in 6 different states. We have sold estates, farms & ranches, business liquidations, artifacts and antiques. We have been employed by the Federal Government including SBA and IRS, the state government, several cities and school districts as well as many banks and lenders thru-out the Rocky Mtn. area.

Woodward & Associates can sell your items from antiques, guns, tools and so much more. We can have the sale at your site or in our facility. You can rest assured that we will do our best to attract the right buyers to your auction. We pride ourselves in the reputation we have developed over the last 40 plus years and work very hard to conduct a fair and honest sale for both buyers and sellers.

We invite you to contact us if you need to have an auction. We will try to give you an honest picture of what we can do in selling your merchandise, no matter what it is. We offer a complete package including all set-up, advertising, food service and the actual conducting of the sale. Our commissions are based on many criteria and are structured for your sale.  

The auction staff who conduct the sales are all professionals. Collectively they have over 175 years experience in the auction business and are probably the best auction crew anywhere. We can assure you we will do our best to get the most from your public auction

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